OLD PERTH is a blend of carefully selected Malt Whiskies (also referred to as Vatted Malt) with an alcohol content of 43 %. The Master Blenders of Morrison & MacKay have selected from their stock Single Malts of following distilleries as ingredients and composed a mild and fruity Whisky:

- Aultmore matured in a new Bourbon Barrel

- Mortlach matured in a Bourbon Barrel

- Tomatin matured in a Bourbon Barrel

- Ben Nevis matured in a Sherry Cask


The Malts Aultmore, Mortlach and Tomatin are typical Speyside Malts contributing the fruitiness of this Whisky. The Ben Nevis, matured in a Sherry Cask provides the necessary sweetness and colour.

OLD PERTH was carefully blended as a tribute to the fair city of Perth, the birthplace of historic blends of Scottish Whisky.


 Product information:

43 % abv, 70 cl, with colouring (sugar couleur E150a) for granting a consistent colouring

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