Old Perth

Blended (vatted) Malt/Grain Whisky



Distillery Blended (Vatted) Malt Scotch Whisky
Style Blend of Single Malts
Bottler Morrison & Mackay Whisky Merchants
Alcohol 43 % vol.
€/Bottle € 34,50 (70cl)
Item Number OP2

Additional Information

Vatted Malt (Blend of Single Malts)

City of Perth 1


OLD PERTH is a blend of selected single malt whiskies (a vatted malt whisky) with an alcohol content of 43 %.

The master blender of Morrison & MacKay has chosen 4 single malts from their stock and composed a mild and fruity whisky.

OLD PERTH has been designed as a special tribute to the Scottish City of Perth, the birthplace of the blended malt whiskies.

OLD PERTH is an ideal entrance into the world of malt whiskies or serves an exclusive basis for Whisky-cocktails.